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The best way to minimize damage is wrap all larger items (furniture, etc.) in many quilts or pads. Another important idea is Business warehouse storage to try to see everything as a square of some type. This simplifies stacking and uses all the space in the truck. Chairs, for example can be wrapped and laid one inside the other. Fill all spaces inside and outside every item. The less empty space, the less shifting while the truck is in motion, and therefore the less risk of damage.

Start loading the heavier pieces at the cab of the truck, filling in spaces to pack it all as snugly as possible. Strap and tie down everything you can as you go along each quarter of the truck. Keep stacking, building tiers on a solid base that goes from one wall to the other. Pick boxes and furniture that fit onto your base and continue stacking upwards. Keep it straight and use padding and anything else handy to fill any gaps. Mirrors and large pictures can be packed between mattresses and box springs that have been placed on their sides. Couches with flat ends can be stood on end and the insides filled up. This is very much like working jigsaw puzzle. Just keep stacking and filling. Use your common sense, as you wouldn’t place something heavy on top of fragile items.

Protect the tops of appliances and use them as a base for over-stuffed furniture which can be stacked into each other.

Moving pads come in many thicknesses and sized, but whatever you use, wrap everything neatly, and use tape if necessary, rather like a package. Poorly wrapped furniture wastes a lot of space. With much to do, it may be best to leave the heavy lifitng to the professionals. Also you can contact with consider it moved for packing and moving services.