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Lose Weight with this Weight Loss info on Exercise Programs

Did you know that 99% of all diet and exercise programs fail to help dieters lose weight quickly and achieve their weight loss goals?  It’s true, and dieters continue to make the weight loss industry a billion dollar business.  But, if 99% of all diet and exercise programs fail to allow users to lose weight or lose fat why then do dieters continue to waste their time and money?  Because dieters know that their inability to attain fast weight loss has nothing to do with the diet but rather their lack of effort.

The fact of the matter is that all diets (even the most ridiculous) will allow dieters to lose weight even if for just a few days at a time.  Yet, I cannot count the times I have heard dieters complain about the ineffectiveness of specific diets that are famous for allowing dieters to attain the fastest weight loss.  This suggests two things about the mental state of the average dieter desperate to lose weight.  One, dieters do not want to lose weight as bad as they want to continue eating the way that made them fat in the first place and two, dieters do not put forth any real weight loss effort.

I was speaking to a friend recently who could not stop complaining about how she could not seem to lose weight no matter how hard she tried.  I asked what specific diet she was currently using to attain fast fat loss and she answered that it was the Atkins diet.  I then asked her to explain to me what kind of diet the Atkins diet is and how it causes dieters to lose weight quickly.  Not to my surprise, she did not understand my basic question, now on,  on the subject of nutrition and fat loss.

So, she could not tell me that the Atkins diet is a low carbohydrate, high protein diet that causes dieters to quickly lose weight as a result of semi-starvation dieting.  Upon further investigation, she also could not tell me what a carbohydrate is and what a protein is let alone the role carbohydrates and proteins play in the field of fat loss.  You see, my friend (a college graduate) fails time and again in her attempts to quickly lose weight out of sheer ignorance towards the subjects of fat loss and nutrition and continues to try diet after diet complaining each time that it is the diets fault and not hers.  Dieting to attain fast fat loss is not supposed to be easy if followed correctly and for short periods of time just about any diet program will be beneficial but to blame the diet for your failures instead of yourself will always keep you from losing weight.