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How to Prepare Your Rugs When Moving to a New House?

Moving to a new house in Frogbridge Day Camp means some extra burdens on your shoulders. You basically have to do two things when the time for re-shifting comes – one is to pack the household materials from the old house and another is to re-install everything in the new house. The same goes with your valuable rugs and other home decoration materials. But, do you know any sort of carelessness can result in severe damage to your rugs and carpets? Well, let us have an insightful discussion on how to prepare your rugs when moving to a new house and using a company like Boston commercial moving company to take care of it.

What to do?

  • The first and primarily important thing is to clean the rugs with care. Whether the rug is dusty of clean, you have to ensure that they are cleaned before you start moving to the new house. It is especially important because moving with some dirty rugs can be very hectic. On the other hand, if you install some dusty rugs to the new house, that would mean making your new house dirty. If nothing serious is found in the rug, you can use a vacuum cleaner to clean the rug thoroughly. But, make sure that you clean the entire rug with the vacuum cleaner, not any part of it.
  • If the rug has any stains due to spills or for some other reasons, you will have to remove them with non-bleaching laundry detergents and lukewarm water. However, using hot or cold water can result in serious damage to your pricey rugs.
  • The next thing to take into notice is to dry the rug heavily before moving to the new house. You can either use the fan to use the air flow to dry the rug or put it under the sun to dry up. But, you need to be cautious about using the sunshine. Overmuch drying can result in fading of the color of your rugs.
  • You have to roll up the rugs once they are done with drying. This is the most vital part of preparing your rugs for the new house. However, when rolling the rugs make sure that – they are not rolled inappropriately; no dusts are within; they are not tied too tightly; they are not pressed hard etc. remember that your rugs are very precious. So, you will have to ensure each and every possible care so that they do not become deteriorated.
  • Putting the rugs in a safe place is the next thing to do. As you are to move everything of your house to a new location, you will have to make sure that other things do not cause any harm to your rugs. You should put your rugs and carpets under intensive care.

Finally, preparing your rugs when moving to a new house means you have to be very considerate about taking care of your rugs and preparing it thereby. So, follow the tips mentioned above and ensure no harm to your pricey rugs. Also, remember that if you’re worried about the safety of your rugs during the move, you can always put them in a reputable storage center, like ti storage nyc to make sure they remain unharmed.