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Losing Weight without a Diet

Many dieters in need of losing weight often turn to weight loss programs such as the one designed by inner light wellness.  This dieting program is based on the consumption of pre-packaged gourmet meals and desserts.  The pre-packaged meals and desserts as sold by Jenny Craig are normal, everyday, fattening foods served in smaller than normal portions.  This dieting program is basically a reduced calorie or semi-starvation diet. Also for oral solution, Best endodontist near me can assist.

As stated above, not only are the pre-packaged foods as sold by Jenny Craig normal, everyday, fattening foods but arguably the most popular food choices are desserts.  How in any way, shape or form can a dieting program that consists of eating desserts cause fat loss to occur?  It cannot but Jenny Craig never said that you would lose “fat” from her diet.  On the contrary, she said that you will lose “weight” on her dieting program.

Fat loss is a loss of pure body fat tissue with little to no loss of water and muscle tissue and cannot be achieved by using the Jenny Craig diet program.  Weight loss is a loss of water and muscle tissue with little to no loss of body fat tissue and is the most common type of weight loss resulting from this dieting program.  Jenny Craig is nothing more than a business woman in the business of making money off of society’s ignorance towards the subject of nutrition.  Think about it, not only does this dieting program require you to buy her overpriced food but you must also pay a monthly fee for the weight that you lose!!!!!!!!

Television and radio ads featuring celebrities talking about their weight loss success has made Jenny Craig a household name throughout the world.  One of the more recent celebrities to grace the television screen talking about her dieting success is Monical Lewinsky.  Almost sounds like a joke, Jenny Craig and diet success in the same sentence.  Anyway, has anybody noticed that Ms. Lewinsky does not look any better today than she did before so how does this prove how great this dieting program made by Greenwich personal trainers is as it seems to prove how poor this program is.