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Fat Loss and the Jenny Craig plan reviewed…

Jenny Craig is a very popular diet program used by dieters desperate to lose weight fast.  The problem for many dieters is that this diet program and diet programs like it are used for weight loss and not the desired fat loss.  The Jenny Craig diet program is based upon eating pre-packaged gourmet meals and foods that are served in smaller than normal portions.  However, these foods cause weight loss and not fat loss (the most popular foods sold are desserts and pastries).

Before we continue it is important to understand the difference between losing weight and losing fat with diet programs such as Jenny Craig.  To lose weight means to lose water and muscle tissue with little to no fat loss.  Whereas to lose fat means to lose pure body fat tissue with little to no loss of water and muscle tissue (a very important fact left out by Jenny Craig).  Now that we have pointed out the difference between weight loss and fat loss let us continue

You see, the pre-packaged foods as sold by Jenny Craig are normal, everyday, fattening foods that have no special fat burning ingredients.  Fat loss is not possible while consuming these foods for as stated above these foods are normal, everyday, fattening foods.  The only reason many people successfully lose weight with Jenny Craig is because of a reduction in calories consumed on a per meal basis.  Reduced calorie diets are excellent for weight loss but this has little to do with fat loss.

Not to suggest that the Jenny Craig diet program is not effective for all types of dieters for that would not be true.  Fat loss “is” possible but only for obese dieters who have plenty of weight to lose.  For example, if you are a dieter who is severely overweight then the Jenny Craig diet program will be beneficial for you because it is easy to lose fat when you carry a lot of it.  But dieters who are not obese or dieters who strictly desire fat loss will need to use a diet such as a fat burning diet, the Zone Diet or the Caveman Diet as these diets are actually capable of ridding the body of its actual fat tissue. While most marketers will promote these fad diets, real digital marketing fitness will not only discredit these fad diets, but also show you which diets are the best for you.